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How to use this vortal?

Supplementary materials are classified under 13 subjects areas corresponding to the units of the Dynamic Etrepreneurship. Clicking the bookmarks, uniform for the entire textbook, on the vortal’s left menu redirects users to additional reference sites. Not all bookmarks will be featured in all subjects (units). This may be stem from the specific nature of the given subject as well as the fact that new reference materials are developed on a regular basis and the applicable bookmarks will appear on the vortal in due time.

Introduction – features comments entered in reference to the subject, information on the contents of other reference sites, etc.

Updates – in the case of crucial changes occurring in the business environment, or the need to acquire other important information, relevant information will be provided in this section. For instance, if the line tax rate on business activity is lowered to 15% up from 19% such news will surely be published on the site in the Finance and Accounting System section.

Resources – this bookmark features press articles and other published materials which supplement the issues discussed in the given unit (subject) and serve as illustration of the topics.

References – the primary source for each subject will be the relevant unit of the textbook while this site will list and refer users to secondary sources.

Links – I tried to avoid discussing in detail issues which change in time and which are available in an updated form electronically. Moreover, whenever I identify an interesting website providing an in-depth insight into an issue I add a link to the given site.

Case studies – as compared to the Resources bookmark these will constitute a more complex discussion of the experiences of specific groups of companies which may prove useful in the teaching process.

Tests – this site will feature ‘check yourself' questions, tests and assignments which will give participants an idea of how well a given subject was grasped.

Your business – this is a reference site for users who are seriously considering starting a business or who have already done so. What they will find here is recommendations and advice on the steps to be taken in the course of setting up a business venture.